Hardy All brass perfect antique fly reels.

Hardy All Brass Perfect Reels

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Roger Still

I Appraise, Buy and Sell Antique, Vintage and Classic Fishing Tackle

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I have been collecting and appraising tackle since the 1970’s  with a particular interest in brass reels, Aerial reels and anything made by Hardy.

If you have any pre 1960’s tackle that you wish to sell or trade please contact me.

I always have reels, rods, lures and other tackle available for trade or sale, let me know what you’re looking for.

Specifically required and paying top prices for the following;

All HARDY tackle pre 1960’s, I can generally match or exceed achieved auction prices for most of the scarce or rare Hardy fly reels in top condition such as:

  • Hardy all brass Perfects, 1st model, transitional, brass face Perfects (usually with rod in hand trademark)
  • Special order uncatalogued reels, especially  Perfect variants
  • Other models like; Barton, Bougle, Cascapedia, St. Georges (esp red agate line guard models), Fortuna fly, Davy, Hercules, Birmingham style, Field, Auxillary brake models, Tournament fly or casting
  • All other older Hardy reels; Silex, Jock Scott, Fortuna, Zane Grey, Alma, Pomeroy, White Wickham, Longstone, Silex multipliers, Silex Rex etc etc

I have been fishing since the age of four, some of the fish I have caught. Click on any image to see in full size.

Of special interest also:

  • Allcock Aerial reels, Illingworth casting reels, Chippendale by Miller of Leeds both multiplying or single action, Anything by Percy Wadham or Slater of Newark
  • Older brass reels named or unnamed including clamp or spike fitting winches
  • Ancient brass by Ustonson, Barth, Herro, Higginbotham, Aldred, Alfred, Blacker, Dann,  Evatt, J.K.Farlow, Kirby, Little, Tanner and lots more
  • Any tackle from exhibition or presentation, such as 1851 Great Exhibition, 1883 Fisheries Exhibition, including silver or silver plated reels/rods
  • Old lures and baits, especially anything by GREGORY such as Cleopatra, Wheeldon, Acme, Buckingham, Paragon, Windsor Bee, Maybug, Gresham, Colorado etc
  • Old gut eye salmon flies
  • Fly cabinets such as Unique and Roxborough by Hardy Brothers.
  • Carved painted fish from the Fochabers studio , Hardy , Farlow and Malloch
  • Cased fish by Cooper, Homer, Malloch and others
  • Anything old of quality

I look forward to hearing from you!

Roger Still, tackle appraiser

Contact Me roger@stillfishing.com 07860 313 646 For international callers: +447860 313 646